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christy carlson romano is an american actress and singer who rose to fame for her starring role as ren stevens in the disney channel original series even stevens she is best known for her voice work as the title character in the disney channel animated series kim possible and made a cameo.

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Even though the original kim possible animated series ended well over a decade ago christy carlson romano has never stopped hearing about how the character she voiced impacted audiences.

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christy carlson romano born christy michelle romano march 20 1984 is an american actress and singer she is known for her role ren stevens in the sitcom even stevens and as the voice of the title character kim possible in the animated series kim possible.

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You dont need to call her or beep her the new kim possible is almost here et caught up with christy carlson romano the original voice of kim possible and sadie stanley who plays kim in.

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christy carlson romano born march 20 1984 is an american stage and film actress and singer movies final fantasy vii advent children yuffie kisaragi.

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christy carlson romano born on march 20 1984 is an american actress and singer even stevens strictly ballroom in season 1 episode 19 entitled strictly ballroom ren stevens portrayed by christy carlson romano goes to a party and her foot gets stuck in the toilet.

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christy romano in mirrors 2 christy romano 1984 aka christy carlson romano film deaths edit mirrors 2 2010 jenna mccarty christys reflection is shown slowly tearing its own head off.

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